Ensure workplace safety & security in the face of threats

The rise of crime is battering business owners across America. Unfortunately, one incident can put your company, staff, and customers at risk. With secureUs solutions, you can maintain a safe and secure workplace environment to protect your business and staff when active threats of violence occur.


Increase in shoplifting

In 2021, 54% of small business owners experienced an increase in shoplifting.

2 million workplace assaults and threats

A National Crime Victimization Survey reported 2 million workplace assaults and threats occur every year.

$130 billion lost every year

Cost of workplace violence incidents to U.S. businesses every year.


Employees and customers should feel confident and reassured whenever they’re in a retail store, corporate office campus, or business office. As an employer, you can secure every door in your building with a device that will protect staff in the event of an armed intruder incident. Our code compliant solution is specifically designed for any worker to activate, with little or no training.


No one can predict when workplace violence will occur. In order to save lives and property, your staff need to be ready to respond effectively, quickly, and discreetly when an event takes place – without compromising the safety of themselves, others or the customer experience. With the wearable CrisisAlert badge, employees can immediately send for help, and managers will be able to direct help where it is needed.


Commercial buildings and manufacturing facilities lack effective surveillance systems to ensure safety, security, and privacy for occupants, leaving them vulnerable to various threats like vaping, smoking, and security incidents. The HALO Smart Sensor offers a comprehensive solution, detecting threats instantly and providing rapid alerts to protect customers, staff, and property while maintaining privacy and regulatory compliance.


Leading safety and security solutions suited for the commercial industry.

RhinoWare Lockdown System

Lockdown any room at a moment’s notice with RhinoWare’s completely code compliant Lockdown System for increased safety and security.


Protect your personnel, facilities, and operations against all present-day threats.

HALO Smart Sensor

Upgrade your commercial space's safety and security for peace of mind and protection.

CENTEGIX CrisisAlert

Equip staff with the fastest and easiest incident response solution that immediately calls for help in any emergency.

Mission and Vision

A tripartite leadership structure guides our projects from conception to completion and balances the three essential elements of successful design: joy, utility and craft.
To protect our educational, commercial, hospitality, medical and places of faith communities from harm through resources designed to prevent, prepare and respond to emergencies.
To have a world where children and adults go to school or work and not only ‘feel’ safe, but are safe, while learning and working in environments that are warm and comforting. Our school children can focus on academics and extracurricular activities, while our working adults can focus on professional and personal growth. Most importantly, all people of all ages who struggle with mental health concerns have affordable and accessible interventions.


A tripartite leadership structure guides our projects from conception to completion and balances the three essential elements of successful design: joy, utility and craft.
We call it a force multiplier - putting this technology in the hands of more than 25,000 employees gives me 25,000 sets of eyes to help keep campuses safe.

Chief John Newman

Director of Safety and Security, Hillsborough County Public Schools

The response was so fast and thankfully, my student was safe. It makes me feel safer in my school.


Elementary School Teacher

I love the ease of pushing the button and having the administration help me when necessary. When you are dealing with a situation it is easier to access your badge than the classroom phone or a walkie talkie.


High School Teacher

Because the alert goes directly to the people that need to respond, our security team and administrative team were able to quickly come to the scene and provide assistance, including calling 911. I did not have my cell phone in my pocket. If I didn’t have CENTEGIX there would have been a considerable delay getting medical help to our staff member.


High School Teacher

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