Ripple Effects


Trauma-informed PreK-12 behavioral supports and educator tools provide positive, targeted intervention for students in a variety of learning and corrections settings.



Address diverse challenges and skill deficits like anxiety, mental health, trauma behavior issues, and skill deficits with targeted, individual support.


Our evidence-based programs support tiered intervention, from universal education to targeted interventions and mental health support.


Monitor progress and track outcomes with built-in tools to inform effective strategies for individual and school-wide improvement.


Adapt our programs to fit your specific needs and settings, whether in traditional classrooms, juvenile justice settings, or alternative learning environments.


Ripple Effects for Teens (Grades 6-12)

Ripple Effects for Teens has more than 400 lessons that differentiate students’ social experiences by allowing them to self-direct content through lesson exploration. The program addresses complex issues like mental health, anxiety, academic stressors, personal trauma, behavior issues and the underlying reasons, substance abuse, and more. The program can be used as part of a PBIS/RTI framework, ISS, Special Education, alternative, or as an academic support.

Ripple Effects for Kids (Grades 2-5)

With Ripple Effects for Kids, students direct their learning journey or receive educator guidance, catering to individual needs and preferences. Over 195 peer-narrated topics meet students where they are and spark their curiosity. The program makes a positive impact by building key skills like executive function, personal problem-solving, and emotional health, fostering a positive school climate. Problem-solving scenarios provide context-specific coaching while safeguarding student privacy.

Bouncy's Ready to Learn Resilience Program (PreK-1)

Bouncy’s Ready to Learn Resilience Program uses a lovable, multi-breed service dog with a prosthetic leg to help children aged four to seven years old develop coping skills for dealing with challenges and frustrations, and build a sense of safety and belonging. The program is made up of both physical and digital components, such as: 3D music videos, Little Bouncy Your Service Dog, storybooks, teacher guide, Bouncy’s Junior Journal, and more. Bouncy can be used in a variety of settings, such as schools, homes, and community centers.

“Ripple Effects has made an impact on our social skills time in the classroom. Our emotionally disabled students can relate to many topics and enjoy the videos. This program has opened doors to great strategies for conflict and also many valuable lessons. The students enjoy the quizzes and it has challenged them to have peer discussions.”

Ileana Jimenez, Behavior Specialist, Miami-Dade County Public Schools


With Ripple Effects for Kids and Teens, you’re not just addressing immediate disciplinary concerns, but investing in the long-term well-being of your students. It’s evidence-based approach has been show to:

Improve Grades

Reduce ISS

Reduce suspensions

Lower dropout rates

Impact empathy skills

Impact problem-solving

Reduce tardiness

Lower dropout rates

Bouncy has been shown to have a number of benefits for children.

Case studies of individual learners show:

Reports from classroom groups show these social practices increased:

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