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We call it a force multiplier - putting this technology in the hands of more than 25,000 employees gives me 25,000 sets of eyes to help keep campuses safe.

Chief John Newman

Director of Safety and Security, Hillsborough County Public Schools

Ripple Effects has made an impact on our social skills time in the classroom. Our emotionally disabled students can relate to many topics and enjoy the videos. This program has opened doors to great strategies for conflict and also many valuable lessons. The students enjoy the quizzes and it has challenged them to have peer discussions.

Ileana Jimenez

Behavior Specialist, Miami-Dade County Public Schools

The response was so fast and thankfully, my student was safe. It makes me feel safer in my school.


Elementary School Teacher

I love the ease of pushing the button and having the administration help me when necessary. When you are dealing with a situation it is easier to access your badge than the classroom phone or a walkie talkie.


High School Teacher

Because the alert goes directly to the people that need to respond, our security team and administrative team were able to quickly come to the scene and provide assistance, including calling 911. I did not have my cell phone in my pocket. If I didn’t have CENTEGIX there would have been a considerable delay getting medical help to our staff member.


High School Teacher

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